Video Clips of what is planned for Day 2

Video Clips of what is planned for Day 2

Taken on a Sony HDR-AS30V Mounted on the bonnet.
Discovery 3, manual on coil suspension.
Fastest I noticed was about 110 kph typically 80+ kph
There are no pace notes, and I have driven this maybe 8 times over the years. But after the winter the wash outs can be anywhere and any size.

When see all three videos. Think that they can all be connect into one mega stage. In fact in video 3, Áfangagil, after the gate we turn left onto an old hydro construction road, if we turn right  instead it takes us back almost to the start of Valagjá


My wife, Frances and I, had a great day.

PS the big mountain with lots of snow, near the end of the first video, That is Hekla our, historically, most active volcano.

Valagjá 24k long, video is 25 minutes.
Hekla 10k long, video is 11 minutes
Áfangagil 30k long, video is 28 minutes