400k of stage @ 66 North (Rally on Top of the World!)

2021 Iceland Hill Rally

The premier destination for drivers
that deserve challenging, fast flowing stages.

Twisting S bends and long flowing curves

October 2- 4 2020

Water splashes are shallow

October 2- 4 2020

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Hard Gravel Tracks

October 2- 4 2020

Power hungry black sand deserts

October 2- 4 2020

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“It can feel like infinity and beyond”

Welcome to Iceland, lying over 66° North and just 16 kilometres below the Arctic Circle, we truly are on Top of the World.

We design stages for the vehicles and drivers we have in mind. You are coming a long way so we believe in giving value for money. 400k of Special Stage over two and half days. With 4 super rally re-entry points, you have ample opportunity to get lots of driving.

Prologue type stages on the Friday evening, close to Reykjavik. Get to shake out the gremlins in you and the car. As this is written we have two options in mind. One would be fairly standard for Iceland and a great example of what is to come. The other would be new for Iceland, great TV and spectator viewing. With 2 sets of 2 rapid start stages, with a short 7k stage inbetween.

Day 1, all in one area but spread out. Long stages with precision required and then a sand blast. A little stage to soak up the time for the first stage to empty plus a little service fuel time, then back though. This is the stage that a certain Mr Lofthouse asked if we had stopped to mark the end, “No just stakes to close off this road, you are only half way” When we did come to the end a Mr Gould asked, how he could get his own car here, “Easy on a plane with DHL”. Then its to a local town for lunch and longer service. Then hopefully up a 7k hill climb, well OK it does dip once to cross a stream. Drop down to a sand desert and back out on the stage you did before lunch

It’s not over until you’ve experienced The Legend!

Well ok, that was the final stage at the Scottish Perthshire.
Day 2 is up at the edge of our Highlands, Europe’s largest desert, home to our active volcanoes and our glaciers. It is a truly awe inspiring vastness. We drive up here after Day 1 stages, you can service all night.

Day 2 stages take you to the foot of Hekla, a quite active volcano, in historical terms. Here is our long stage, don’t worry we will adjust the length to suit MPG, so maybe a fuel drop/stop. It is possible to run a 100+k stage very easily here. Today is fast! Mainly packed and loose sand with some water splashes.

Day 2 maybe swapped with Day 1 still working on logistics as to what is best. Either way Day 2 is the last day and prizes will be presented at BBQ later in the evening.